Brittany Baah Awarded the 2023 Formosa Group Sound Mentorship

Brittany Baah Awarded the 2023 Formosa Group Sound Mentorship

Women in Film & Television – Toronto (WIFT+ Toronto)
is delighted to announce that Brittany Baah is the recipient of the 2023 Formosa Group Sound Mentorship, which runs inclusively from October 16 – 31.

This partnership allows the recipient to expand their knowledge of the sound editing and sound mix production cycle. As a part of this mentorship, Brittany will also receive a $1000 honorarium as well as on-stage recognition at the WIFT+ Toronto Crystal Awards Gala Luncheon on November 22.

Emerging audio professional Brittany Baah loves to make cool sounds. She was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. After high school, Brittany was strongly encouraged by her mother to apply to an out-of-city institution, leading her to Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. She applied to Fanshawe’s accredited Radio Broadcasting program during a global pandemic. Then, shortly after enrolled into the Audio Post-Production graduate program. APP expanded her career specs by sparking an interest in boom operation, music editing, foley recording and creative atmos mixing.

Kicking her career off, she spent time working for the campus radio station, volunteering at community events, and networking with industry professionals. In 2022, Brittany won the Best Radio Producer award. As a working-class, first-generation Canadian woman, it has not been the smoothest ride into a budding audio production career. However, as difficult as her chosen pathway has been, Brittany’s journey has affirmed that she is in the right place. She continues to show up with an amiable presence, a willingness to work, and an optimistic outlook.

During the mentorship, Brittany will learn first-hand from in-house sound assistants, editors, and mixers. Over the three weeks she will observe the full sound process, from the point of transition from picture editing into sound editing all the way to the final mix layback and transfers. This opportunity lets Brittany shadow sound design and effect creation; re-recording mixing; and live ADR recording sessions, as well as gain practical training with essential sound software and hardware. The goal of this mentorship is to arm the recipient with a wide breadth of basic skill training that will prepare them for an entry level work position within the editorial sound field.

“Formosa Toronto is proud to have Brittany Baah with us this year as our 2023 WIFT apprentice. Brittany has a keen interest in sound post-production and is clearly eager to learn about all aspects of sound for picture. A recent graduate of Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Brittany has indicated that she is interested in both foley and ADR recording, and we’re very excited to have her work and learn alongside our creative sound teams this year.”

David McCallum, Supervising Sound Editor, Formosa Group Toronto

“It’s amazing to see the continued interest in our mentorships. Each year, the number of applications to review grows, speaking to the overwhelming need for women in more tactile and technical departments that have historically been male dominated. And WIFT+ Toronto is committed to seeing this change of gender parity in film and television through to the end. We are thrilled for Brittany, who for the next three weeks is going to get unparalleled access to the sound industry, something only Formosa can offer.”

Laurie Januska, Director of Programming, WIFT+ Toronto

Formosa Group, Streamland Media’s sound division, is a full-service post-production sound company composed of award-winning talent. Formosa Group offers content creators services, including sound supervision and design, sound and music editorial and re-recording mixing, as well as integration and music production for features, broadcast, music, interactive and commercials. It is home to some of the most creative and well-respected sound artists in the entertainment industry today, with multiple locations throughout greater Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Toronto, and the U.K.


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