Congratulations to WIFT Toronto Members at the CSAs

Congratulations to WIFT Toronto Members at the CSAs

We’re excited to recognize all the winners and nominees within our community

WIFT Toronto is excited to congratulate the Winners and Nominees amongst our members who have been awarded and acknowledged by the Canadian Screen Awards. The CSA ceremony gives credit to both the technical and artistic aspects required to create film, television and digital media productions.

The ninth CSA awards ceremony took place on May 20th, 2021.

Many of our members are amongst those talented individuals who were recognized by the Canadian Academy. We are extremely grateful for the brilliance, technique and creativity that you all possess.

Here is the list of Winners and Nominees:

– Original Screenplay:
“Akilla’s Escape” Wendy Motion Brathwaite (WINNER)
– Short Documentary:
“Sing Me A Lullaby” Tiffany Hsiung (WINNER)
– Sound Editing: “Funny Boy” Jane Tattersall (WINNER)
– Original Score: “Marlene” Janal Bechthold (Nominee)
– John Dunning Best Feature: “Beans” Tracey Deer (WINNER)

– Comedy Series:
“Baroness Von Sketch Show” by Jordan Canning (Nominee)
– Animated Series or Program: “Wild Kratts” Directed by Eva Almos (Nominee)
– Documentary Program:
Hot Docs at Home: “Finding Sally” Directed by Tamara Dawit(Nominee)
– Children’s or Youth Fiction: “Detention Adventure” Produced by Karen Moore (Nominee)
– Children’s or Youth Fiction:
“Endlings” Produced by J.J Johnson & Directed by Winnifred Jong (Nominee)
– Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction: “All Around Champion” Produced By Sonja Obljubek, Christine Mayall & Donna Luke (Nominee)
– Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction: “Backyard Beats” Produced by Julie Bristow, Marlo Miazga & Caroline Voitovici (Nominee)
– Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction: “My Stay-at-Home Diary” Produced by Georgina Lopez (Nominee)
– Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series: “Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt’s Creek Farewell” Produced by Sally Catto (WINNER)
– Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series: “David Foster: Off the Record” produced by Elizabeth Klinck (Nominee)
– Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series: “Exhibitionists” produced by Asmi Chandola (Nominee)
– Science or Nature Documentary Program or Series (Rob Stewart Award): The Nature of Things: “Pass the Salt” Judy Holm (Nominee)
– Science or Nature Documentary Program or Series (Rob Stewart Award): The Nature of Things: “She Walks with Apes” awarded to Caitlin Starowicz (Nominee)
– Social/Political Documentary Program (Donald Brittain Award): “9/11 Kids” Michael Kot (WINNER)
– Factual Program or Series:
“Age of Samurai: Battle of Japan” produced by Kate Harrison (Nominee)
– Factual Program or Series: “Good People” produced by Vanessa Case & Azadeh De Leon (Nominee)
– Factual Program or Series:
“Wild Archaeology” directed by Tracy German & produced by Karen Hanson & Tracy German (Nominee)
– History Program or Series: “Enslaved” produced by Tara Jan (WINNER)
– Lifestyle Program or Series: “Mary’s Kitchen Crush” directed by Jan McCharles (WINNER)
– Lifestyle Program or Series:
“Restaurants on Edge” produced by Donna Luke & Victoria Pike (Nominee)
– Preschool Program or Series:
“Paw Patrol” produced by Marilyn McAuley, Jennifer Dodge, Nora Keely, Sarah Williams, Victoria Coulthart, Erin Mackie, Laura Clunie, Mary Bredin, Frank Falcone, Christina Sang St. Catherine, Jonah Stroh & Toni Stevens (WINNER)
– Preschool Program or Series:
“Abby Hatcher” produced by Jennifer Dodge, Nora Keely, Kara Lord Piersimoni, Martin Sal, Laura Clunie & Erin Mackie (Nominee)
– Preschool Program or Series:
“Dino Dana” directed by J.J Johnson, Nimisha Mukerji,Tiffany Hsiung, Gloria Kim, Reem Morsi & Lisa Rose Snow and produced by J.J Johnson, Christin Simms, Blair Powers & Matthew Bishop (Nominee)
– Preschool Program or Series: “Esme & Roy” produced by Tracey Dodokin (Nominee)
– Preschool Program or Series: “True and the Rainbow Kingdom” produced by Erin Mackie, Nora Keely, Mary Bredin, Frank Falcone & Martin Sal (Nominee)
– Reality/Competition Program or Series
: “Canada’s Drag Race” produced by Michael Kot (WINNER)
– Reality/Competition Program or Series: “Battle of the Blades” produced by Jennifer Dettman & Maureen Riley (Nominee)
– Reality/Competition Program or Series
: “Dragons’ Den” produced by Jennifer Dettman (Nominee)
– Reality/Competition Program or Series: “The Great Canadian Baking Show” produced by Allison Johnston (Nominee)
– Talk Program or Series:
“The Marilyn Denis Show” produced by Tara McEwen & Wendy Russell (Nominee)
– Performance in a children’s or youth program or series: “Dino Dana” Saara Chaudry (WINNER)
– Host or interviewer, news or information program or series:
“Iendi” Sarain Fox (Nominee)
– Visual research: “Cheating Hitler: Surviving the Holocaust” Elizabeth Klinck (WINNER)
– Visual research:
“Gordon Lightfoot: If You Read My Mind” Elizabeth Klinck (Nominee)
– Casting: “Schitt’s Creek” Lisa Parasyn (WINNER)
– Casting:
“Kim’s Convenience” Deirdre Bowen (Nominee)
– Casting: “Vikings” Deirdre Bowen nominated (Nominee)
– Photography in a Comedy Series: “Workin’ Moms: To Lure a Squirrel” Kristin Fieldhouse (Nominee)
– Sound in a fiction program or series: “The Best Laid Plans” Jane Tattersall (WINNER)
– Sound in a fiction program or series:
“John & Lise” Jane Tattersall (Nominee)
– Sound in a fiction program or series: “Fire, Pt 2” Jill Purdy (Nominee)
– Sound in a nonfiction program or series: “Margaret Atwood: A Word after a Word after a Word is Power” Jane Tattersall (Nominee)
– Comedy: “Schitt’s Creek: Sunrise, Sunset” Jordan Canning (Nominee)
Documentary Series: “Being Black in Toronto” Valerie Amponsah & Sharine Taylor (WINNER)
– Factual: “1950’s” Andrika Lawren (Nominee)
– Variety or sketch comedy program or series: “Whatever You Do, Don’t Smell His T-Shirts”Joyce Wong (WINNER)
– Original music, non-fiction:
CBC Docs POV “Company Town” Janal Bechthold (Nominee)
– Original music, non-fiction:
CBC Docs POV “Cottagers & Indians” Janal Bechthold (Nominee)
– Children’s or Youth: Endlings: “The End is the Beginning is the End” J.J Johnson & Christin Simms (Nominee)
– Shaw Rocket Fund Kids’ Choice:
Wild Kratts (WINNER) Paw Patrol & All Around Champion (Nominee)
– Lead Performance, Web Program or Series: “Avocado Toast” Heidi Lynch (Nominee)
Lead Performance, Web Program or Series: “Ghost BFF” Vanessa Matsui (Nominee)
– Interactive Production:
“Endlings” J.J Johnson (Nominee)
– Direction, Web Program or Series:
“Bit Playas: Comic Con” Allison Johnston (Nominee)
– Direction, Web Program or Series:
“Love Letters From Everest” Celeste Koon (Nominee)
– Writing, Web Program or Series: “Social Togetherness” J.J Johnson (Nominee)
– Live Production, Social Media: “CBC Kids Kindie Grad Class of 2020 Facebook Live Event” by Carly Watt (WINNER)

Trinity Jones

Trinity Jones is a summer intern working at WIFT Toronto. She is currently studying Television and Live broadcast production at Humber College. She is known for her love of yoga and likes to call herself a “yogi”.

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