WIFT-T Showcase 2020: Worth the Wait!

WIFT-T Showcase 2020: Worth the Wait!

The 11th annual WIFT-T Showcase will celebrate nine compelling new works that will make you laugh, cry and think.

WIFT-T is thrilled to announce the nine projects selected for the 11th Annual WIFT-TShowcase.

Showcase 2020 has been postponed due to the coronavirus shutdown. When we are able to come together again, we hope to return to TIFF Bell Lightbox for a night of celebration in recognition of the extraordinary talent of our members.

Until that time, we will whet your appetite with the release of the Showcase trailer composed and edited by WIFT-T members Sarah Basciano and Emily Ryder.

The 2020 Showcase lineup includes:

Unidentified Woman | Fiction

Submitted by Katrina Saville, writer/director/producer

A woman struggles emotionally after her roommate, a charismatic con-woman, robs her of her possessions, money, and identity.

May Flowers | Fiction

Submitted by Connie Wang, actor/producer

A misunderstanding occurs when Jimmy goes to the flower shop to pick up an order for his boss. Little did he know how the tables would turn.

A Piece of Me | Documentary

Submitted by Sara Elgamal, director

Shot like a fashion film in the desert of the Afar region in Ethiopia, this United Nations Population Fund campaign piece celebrates three survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM).

Measure | Fiction

Submitted by Karen Chapman, writer/director

Nine-year-old Shane seems to be wandering the streets of Toronto alone, but he is on a secret mission that is too important to fail. A young boy’s journey through grief.

YYZ | Documentary

Submitted by Fonna Seidu, producer

Reflections on the movements and migration of a Nigerian family to Toronto. A first night spent in the airport; a night full of anticipation, expectation, and fear. A look at the feelings of rootlessness and loss of identity that often accompanies immigration.

One Leg In, One Leg Out | Documentary

Submitted by Lauren Grant, producer

An honest look at the complexities of leaving sex work. After a decade on the streets, Iman, a transgender woman, takes the first steps towards pursuing her dream of becoming a social worker.

The Onyx Butterfly | Documentary

Submitted by Yasmin Evering-Kerr, writer/director

Jordan grapples with the societal pressures of being a black, male ballet dancer in a documentary which seamlessly incorporates reality with the poetic elements of a dance performance.

I Can’t Even | Fiction

Submitted by Emily Diana Ruth, writer/director

Sixteen-year-old Lucy’s boring night in takes an unexpected turn when her favourite internet personality follows her on Instagram.

Margoland | Fiction

Submitted by Sarah Quan, producer

A short comedy about Margo: a badass, zero-shits-giving old lady who’s trying to escape her retirement home in the hopes of spreading her late wife’s ashes at The Big Nickel in time for their anniversary.

All submissions were screened and selected by a volunteer jury of WIFT-T members: Kierston Drier, Mary Goldman, Shazia Javed, Josclyn Johnson, Chanel Klein, Monica Mwangi, Tasneem Nanji, Angie Power, Naiyelli Romero, Robina Lord Stafford, Tamara Stone and Liz Taylor.

Showcase SnackChats


To stoke the fires of your Showcase anticipation we’ve invited the selected filmmakers to be guests on our Instagram Live program SnackChats. Join us at  as a Showcase juror engages a selected filmmaker for a half-hour or so of casual chat.

May 5             Katrina Saville (Unidentified Woman) chatting with Liz Taylor

May 12           Connie Wang (May Flowers) chatting with Tasneem Nanji

May 19           Sara Elgamal (A Piece of Me) chatting with Monica Mwangi

May 26           Karen Chapman (Measure) chatting with Robina Lord Stafford

June 2            Omolola Ajao (YYZ) chatting with Naiyelli Romero

June 9            Lauren Grant (One Leg In, One Leg Out) chatting with Angie Power

June 16          Yasmin Evering-Kerr (The Onyx Butterfly) chatting with Tamara Stone

June 23          Emily Diana Ruth (I Can’t Even) chatting with Shazia Javed

June 30          Sarah Quan (Margoland) chatting with Kierston Drier

Thank you to our 2020 Sponsors: Presenting Sponsor – Western Union Business; Supporting Sponsors – Meridian ArtistsSim International; Event Partner – Company 3 Toronto; and Event Supporters, CBCFinal DraftFoundation for WIFT TorontoGrande Camera, Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, Jamie Gaetz and Toronto Screenwriting Conference.

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