Focusing on industry innovation, content creation, global trends, and multi-platform business models, the 2012 International Women in Digital Media Speaker Series (iWDMS) was an opportunity to learn from leading women in digital media and to walk away with practical tools for the fast-evolving digital sector. A one-hour keynote presentation was followed by audience Q&A, lunch and networking.

Biola Alabi

Managing Director, M-NET Africa
Named to the World Economic Forum’s 2012 list of Young Global Leaders, Biola Alabi is responsible for the strategic vision and activities of M-NET, Africa’s major TV subscription service now in over 41 countries. From the forefront of Africa’s digital revolution, Biola shared how e-commerce, social media, geo-blocking  and audience voting are used to engage consumers in multiple countries and languages. Read more.

Kara Swisher

Co-Executive Editor,
Named to TIME‘s 2012 Top Ten Women in Technology, Kara Swisher is the co-executive editor of All Things Digital, a major tech and media news site and conference producer based in California. Known for landmark interviews with the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Kara explored global trends in media and technology convergence and focus on “talentism” on the rise in tech across the globe. Full Bio.

Sabrina Geremia

Integrated Solutions Sales Leader, Google Canada
Google products are changing the way consumers access information. As content producers migrate to online spaces, understanding the advertising and marketing process is crucial to reaching global audiences. Sabrina deconstructed Google’s advertising and platform model and showed examples of how businesses are reaching prospective audiences with the right message at the right time. Full Bio.

Alexandra Samuel

Co-founder and Principal, Social Signal
Web strategist Alexandra Samuel is the co-founder and principal of Social Signal—one of the world’s most experienced social media agencies—and Director of the Social + Interactive Media (SIM) Centre at Emily Carr University. In her keynote, Alex offered up a strategic framework for identifying and implementing social media opportunities to engage audiences and promote projects. Full bio.

Background: iWDMS 2011

The Speaker Series built on the success of the International Women in Digital Media Summit, which took place October 23-25, 2011, in Stratford, Ontario, and featured Arianna Huffington as Keynote Speaker.

Why Women?

From gaming, to social media, to cross-platform and transmedia storytelling, the digital media landscape is evolving to include the female demographic in key roles as producers, consumers and decision-makers. Through this two-part initiative, the iWDMS aims to explore the expanding roles and impact of women within digital media businesses.

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