Meridian Artists is a full-service agency and leading entity in the North American entertainment industry. 

Agenting is an area of the industry with very little training or education support available.  We have programmed an exciting mentorship to provide an emerging WIFT-T member meaningful insight into how entertainment careers are started, built and managed. Meridian Artists is committed to supporting education in the industry through various events and sponsorship.  As long time supporters of WIFT-T, we are pleased to be joining WIFT-T in this new venture.

- Glenn Cockburn, President, Meridian Artists Agency

The chosen Meridian Artists mentee will be immersed in each department of the Agency and be privy to how a select roster of the most talented writers, directors, actors and book authors are represented and managed:

  • See how film and television writers’ careers are managed —whether they are emerging talent or senior level showrunners— with Glenn Cockburn, Film and Television Agent, and President of the Agency;
  • Learn more about client management and development, generating ideas, preparing pitches and selling shows with Kerry Ball, Film and Television Agent, and Head of Development;
  • Have a focused view of client representation in youth and animation markets with Bryce Mitchell, Film and Television Agent, and Head of Youth and Animation;
  • Get a glimpse into the world of publishing with Amy Moore-Benson, Book Agent;
  • See how actors are auditioned and selected from behind the scenes with access to breakdowns, pitches and client coaching with Tovah Small, Talent Agent; and
  • Join the agency’s bullpen, an opportunity to see just how much work goes into managing the day to day needs of a client’s submissions, meetings, payments, contracts, and career.

LATEST NEWS: Ava Torres is the inaugural recipient of the WIFT-T Meridian Artists Agency Mentorship.


  • Comprehensive three-week mentorship at the Meridian Artists Agency
  • $1,000 honorarium
  • On-stage recognition at the Crystal Awards Gala Luncheon 


Laurie Januska
Head of Programs
416.322.3430 ext. 222

Presenting Partner


ava_mailchimp "As the inaugural recipient of the Meridian Artists Agency mentorship I was able to refine my skills as a producer by getting insight into the talent industry, and their role in negotiations, pitches, and film and TV development. Being a talent agent is such an important role in the industry and it's opened my eyes to the overlapping skills that both producers and talent agents have." - Ava Torres, 2017 Meridian Artists Agency Mentorship recipient