Registration for all modules is now closed. Thank you to all those who signed up and participated!

About the Program:

The WIFT-T Media Business Essentials course was a great learning experience. Not only was I able to learn about the various facets of producing content, I also met some great people. It is a great opportunity to ask questions, expand your network and learn more about the business behind film and television. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the sessions and really appreciated the experience.

Caitlin Grabham, Class of 2015

Class of 2015

Media Business Essentials Class of 2015

Jump-start your career in media and get the business skills you need to join Ontario’s $1.55 billion screen-based economy (Playback).

The WIFT-T Media Business Essentials (MBE) is a certificate program, consisting of four modules (3 sessions each), essential for emerging media professionals who want to understand the business of film, television, and interactive production. Participants who complete all four modules will earn a certificate from Humber School of Media Studies & Information Technology.

Modules focus on financing and business affairs, production management, production accounting, tax credits, and marketing and distribution. Courses are taught by industry professionals who are currently active and working in the sector.

The MBE is recommended for working professionals with up to five years’ industry experience or related academic training, and for those transitioning to a new area of the business or the Canadian screen-based industry.

Program Schedule:

All MBE modules run on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Please note, lunch will not be provided. Participants can either bring a lunch and snacks or purchase refreshments nearby. You can opt to take either the full certificate program or an individual module. (Registration information below)

WIFT-MBE_2017-Production Management
Dates: February 25, March 4 & March 11
Instructor: Susan Murray | Location: Humber College, Lakeshore Campus

Session Outline
Instructor Bio: Susan Murray



Dates: March 25, April 1 & 8
Instructor: Brigitte Sachse | Location: YWCA, 87 Elm Street

Session Outline
Instructor Bio: Brigitte Sachse



Dates: April 22, April 29 & May 6
Instructor: Linda Stregger, BA, CPA, CMA | Location: Humber College, Lakeshore Campus

Session Outline
Instructor Bio: Linda Stregger, BA, CPA, CMA

*** Registration Closed. ***


Dates: May 27, June 3 & 10
Instructors: Tom Alexander, Judy Lung, Tal Riff | Location: YWCA, 87 Elm Street

Session Outline
Instructor Bio: Tom Alexander
Instructor Bio: Judy Lung
Instructor Bio: Tal Riff
***Registration Closed.***


What are the benefits?

  • Certificate program
  • Business focus
  • Practical skills
  • Resume builder
  • Saturday courses don’t interfere with work

Who Can Participate?

  • This program is open to women and men, WIFT-T members and non-members.
  • Recommended for professionals looking to upgrade existing skills
  • Recommended for professionals looking to change industry streams
  • Recommended for recent graduates looking for applied learning
  • Recommended for the following cohorts:
    • ENTRY cohort, 0-5 five years of industry experience
    • EMERGING cohort, 5-10 years of industry experience

Registration Deadlines:

For Full program registration: CLOSED
Per Module registration: Must register by 5 PM on the Tuesday before the first session of the module.

Program Fees:

Full Program Cost (12 sessions total):
$1,300 + HST (WIFT-T Members)
$1, 735 + HST (Non-members)

Per Module Cost (3 sessions per module):
$375 + HST (WIFT-T Members)
$500 + HST (Non-Members)

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for bursary applications passed on February 1, 2017. Thank you to all those who applied.

How to Register:


Registration closed.


Module 1: Production Management
Registration closed.

Module 2: Business Affairs & Financing
Registration closed.

Module 3: Production Accounting & Tax Credits
Registration closed.

Module 4: Marketing & Distribution
Registration closed.

Questions? Not sure if you qualify or have questions about the application process?

For more information contact:
Laurie Januska
Head of Programming
416.322.3430 ext. 222

Kathryn Taylor
Program & Special Events Coordinator
416.322.3430 ext. 228



Bursaries Provided By:

Q: What kind of certificate will I get?
A: If you complete the entire program successfully, you will receive a certificate of completion from Humber College, School of Media Studies & Information Technology, and WIFT-T.

Q: I have to miss a date or two from the program. Can I still get the certificate?
A: To receive the certificate from Humber College, you must attend a minimum of 10 classes.

Q: Can I write this off as tuition on my income tax form?
A: This program is not deductible. Though in some instances, it may qualify under professional development. Please check in with an accountant.

Q: I don’t want to take all the classes. Can I just take a few?
A: No problem! You can take individual modules. Make sure to register the Tuesday before the first session of the module.

Q: I took a few modules in previous years – can I take the rest this year and get a certificate?
A: Up until 2013, students were allowed to do this. Unfortunately this option is no longer available. Students must take the full program in a single calendar year to be eligible for a certificate.

Q: Is this program for women only?
A: This program is open to anyone who identifies as a male or female. Everyone is welcome!