WIFT-T and BravoFACT are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2016 WIFT-T BravoFACT Pitch Competition.

First Place went to:

Show & Tell
Director: Reem Morsi
Producer:  Sally Karam

The team was awarded $50,000 towards their project and a pair of $500 WIFT-T programming passes.

Second Place went to:

The Unicorn
Director: Nicole Bazuin
Producer: Jess Beaulieu

The team was awarded $40,000 towards their project

Congratulations to everyone who participated and made it to the finalist round and especially to the winners of the live pitch competition.


The selected projects were:

Arlo Alone
Arlo Alone is a futuristic drama/comedy that follows Arlo, a young woman, as she comes to terms with her own loneliness in a world where in-person contact has become a rarity.

Director: Nicole Dorsey
Producer: Karen Harnisch

Hysteria (aka Ovary-Reacting)
Hysteria (aka Ovary-Reacting) is an action comedy about a woman who breaks up with her uterus when they disagree on when and if they will have kids, which is when the uterus stalks and attacks her.

Director: Vivian Lin
Producer: Jennifer Millington

One Day Mars
On the eve of her one-way mission to Mars, an astronaut is given one last opportunity to visit her estranged family and daughter, but can she really say goodbye to them forever?

Director: Slater Jewell-Kemker
Producer: Katelyn Cursio

Prom Night
On the night of their teenagers’ prom, three overprotective fathers find a positive pregnancy test and go on a mission to find out which one of their teens is pregnant before the end of the night.

DirectorSamantha MacAdam
ProducerCathryn Naiker

Show & Tell
When Gamila, a 9-year-old recent Lebanese immigrant, is chosen to perform a story she wrote at an upcoming school recital she is thrilled until she realizes her family will attend wearing the Muslim head scarf/Hijab so she tries to keep the event a secret.

Director: Reem Morsi
Producer:  Sally Karam

The Unicorn
The Unicorn is a modern romantic comedy about Darwin, a neurotic serial monogamist who begins to question her own belief in monogamy when she is invited to have her very first threesome with a charming polyamorous couple.

Director: Nicole Bazuin
Producer: Jess Beaulieu

The Live Pitch Competition jury members are:

  • Julie Di Cresce, VP of Television, First Generation Films
  • Kristine Estorninos, Head of Programming, Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
  • Rachel Feldbloom-Wood, Grants Administrator, BravoFACT
  • Jamie Gaetz, Script Reader/Story Editor
  • Alex Lalonde, COO, Digital Howard, WIFT-T board member

About the Program

Women in Film & Television – Toronto (WIFT-T) is proud to partner with BravoFACT on the 2016 WIFT-T BravoFACT Pitch Competition – an exciting new initiative exclusive to WIFT-T members.  Teams of directors and producers are encouraged to submit their short narrative film pitches for a chance to win cash prizes totaling $70,000 from BravoFACT, and more amazing benefits!   BravoFACT will review the submissions and select six pitch team finalists, who will have the chance to pitch their project in front of a jury of industry experts and a live audience on March 23 from 4-5pm. The winners will be announced at the end of the 2016 WIFT-T Showcase on March 23.

Applications are now closed

to see information on past application process, please click
For more information contact:

Naomi van Voorst
Administrative Coordinator, WIFT-T

Rachel Feldbloom-Wood
Grants Administrator, BravoFACT