Deeply moving, Reem Morsi’s The Door is a heart-wrenching exploration of grief

Deeply moving, Reem Morsi’s The Door is a heart-wrenching exploration of grief

A Syrian refugee family faces an unexpected and terrifying manifestation of their grief, forcing each of them to confront a recent loss in ways they could not fathom.

WIFT-T Showcase Official Selection
The Door

Director: Reem Morsi

Writer: Reem Morsi & Kaveh Mohebbi

Producer: Heidi Tan

Submitting member: Reem Morsi

Program notes by WIFT-T Showcase Selection Commitee member, AnnaJane Edmonds.

After a great loss, a father is left to flee his home country with his son and mother. With all the new changes, he sets grief aside and focuses on the tasks that need to be done to ensure his family is cared for in their new home. That is, until his grief enters his new home and he is faced with the manifestation of his fears.

The Door is a deeply heart-felt, emotionally driven film that allows the audience to experience culture, family, love and grief in a profound way. With the cultural backdrop and the racket of a war that is affecting millions of people, without hitting any of the issues on the nose, this is a wonderfully laced together film. The Door is a perfect example of how impactful and important filmmaking is as a medium for conversation, engagement, and change.

WIFT Toronto Staff

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