We encourage our members to identify where they fit in our cohort structure. With four categories – Early, Mid-career, and Executive – the cohorts can help you choose the professional development programming that best suits your goals at every stage of your career.

  • Early Career

    0-5 years in industry


    • Knowledge of opportunities and how to find them
    • Personal and social engagement
    • Industry specific job skills
    • Network building
    • Career essentials and guidance
    • How to gain recognition
  • Mid-Career

    5-10 years in industry

    Personal Brand Development

    • Financial literacy
    • Peer support
    • Applied skill opportunities
    • Recognition and Inspiration
    • Confidence building
    • Strategy
    • Negotiations training
    • Targeted career advice
    • Management training
  • Executive

    10+ years in industry


    • Leadership training
    • Balancing work and family
    • PR/media training; public speaking opportunities
    • Time management
    • Advanced negotiations – evaluating earnings
    • Global industry awareness
    • Managing up and down
    • Support to make the leap to C-suite
    • Learn how to work with new generations
    • Find ways to give back
    • Financial planning