An Unparalleled Opportunity for Caitlin Carmody

An Unparalleled Opportunity for Caitlin Carmody

Women in Film & Television – Toronto announces Caitlin Carmody as the recipient of the 2017 William F. White Production Manager Mentorship.

Women in Film & Television – Toronto is pleased to announce Caitlin Carmody as the recipient of the 2017 William F. White Production Manager Mentorship

Shortly after graduating with a degree in International Business and Finance, Caitlin Carmody decided to pursue her true passion of storytelling. Her career in film and TV production began at Don Carmody Productions where she worked as a Producer’s Assistant and Development Coordinator. At Don Carmody, Caitlin worked on productions such as the Emmy award-winning Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Netflix original series Between and the Freeform series Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. Caitlin is currently working on several original screenplays. Through the Women On Screen Web Series Incubator Program, she spent eight weeks polishing her web series, which she hopes to move into development in the near future.

Caitlin will now take her production management skills to the next level. 

“The William F. White mentorship is an unparalleled opportunity for an emerging Canadian Production Manager,” said Heather Webb, WIFT-T Executive Director. “Mentoring is highly valued at WIFT-T. Through our mentorship initiatives, we ensure that the next generation of industry leaders is well-equipped, supported, and knowledgeable. The connections that Caitlin will make at William F. White and the stellar experience she’ll receive will serve her well in her current and future creative endeavours.”

The comprehensive five-day mentorship provides an emerging filmmaker with an opportunity to develop her resource management, television and film equipment planning, and budgeting skills; and increase her knowledge of production equipment for digital projects. The mentorship also includes one-on-one sessions with producer Victoria Woods (CBC’s Shoot the Messenger).

“William F White is the largest equipment provider in Canada and the absolutely best place for me to learn and grow as a filmmaker,” said Caitlin. “I am so grateful to William F. White and WIFT-T for the opportunity to expand my knowledge base and build my network. 

 William F. White International is also Canada’s oldest provider of professional motion picture, television, digital media and theatrical production equipment. Additionally, William F. White offers education and training opportunities for industry professionals, independent and emerging filmmakers, post-secondary students, and continuing education for their staff. The William F. White Production Manager Mentorship supports WIFT-T’s mandate by equipping production manager professionals with the tools necessary to take the next step in their careers.

“We’re extremely proud of our continued partnership with WIFT-T,” said William F. White International Chairman/CEO Paul Bronfman. “Whites remains committed to providing educational mentorship opportunities designed to advance the careers of Canadian women in key production roles.”

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