“A tangible learning experience,” says 2018 William F. White Production Manager Mentorship recipient, Lauren Evans

“A tangible learning experience,” says 2018 William F. White Production Manager Mentorship recipient, Lauren Evans

“Each day of my mentorship, I left energized and armed with new knowledge,” says Lauren Evans.

We caught up with Lauren after her one-week mentorship at William F. White (Whites) last spring. In this interview, she shares her key takeaways and mentorship highlights.

Why were you interested in the William F. White Production Manager Mentorship?

I’ve been working on my own web series productions over the past 4 years and have had success there. However, I feel that I am now in a place where I want to expand beyond digital and see what other opportunities are available to me in larger format productions like TV and Film. While I have built myself a strong set of skills working on indie productions I know that there is a gap in my learning and the only way to help bridge that gap is by taking part in programs like this mentorship.

Did the mentorship meet your expectations?

It exceeded my expectations! I must admit that I was eager to learn but not 100% sure what to expect when visiting Whites. I was absolutely blown away by how welcoming everyone was and how excited they were to pass along their knowledge and expertise. I felt included and appreciated. I had such a great time and feel like I now have tangible knowledge and connections that I can take away from the experience.

What was the most valuable part of your experience?

Definitely meeting the exceptional people at Whites. I now have an entire team of people that I can use as a resource with my future productions. I also feel that I have a better understanding of equipment and the rental processes to better serve my productions moving forward.

What new thing did you discover or learn about the industry as a result of your mentorship?

One of the biggest takeaways from the program was my time spent with the generator department. It’s such a crucial part of large-scale productions. I learned important safety rules and regulations, as well as how to ensure that and I am providing what’s needed for my sets while working with generators. It was also amazing to get into each department and learn some of the new tech and industry trends. When working on Indie productions you really learn how to make a little bit of money go a long way, but often don’t get to work with really high-end gear!

Any final words?

I really appreciate that they tried to get me on set. Seeing the gear I just spent the last week working with in action on such a large scale was incredible! With the PM shadowing portion of the mentorship, meeting with my official mentor Carmen Arndt was fantastic! She is a strong woman in the industry and I look forward to having her as a resource moving forward. I really appreciated being able to take her aside and ask questions during what was a busy time for her. We spoke about how she got into being a PM and what she felt were valuable skills for the role.

Ready to enhance your toolkit?

The 2019 William F. White Production Manager Mentorship is now open for applications. Apply by March 15.

Kadon Douglas

There are three things Kadon enjoys doing: sharing resources and knowledge, empowering others (especially those who are often marginalized), and witnessing the magic of film and television.

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